Wilkinson Sword at Simply Sunshine

Wilkinson Sword at Simply Sunshine

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 RazorWilkinson Sword Razors and Blades at Simply Sunshine

Simply Sunshine stock a good range of Wilkinson Sword razors and blades for both men and women at very competitive prices.  Please visit our Razors and Blades page to see the latest range and offers.


Tips for achieving the perfect shave for men

Step 1: Let your skin wake up. Don't shave first thing in the morning. Have a shower first to let the puffiness caused by fluid collection overnight fade away.
Step 2: Exfoliate before you shave to get rid of dead skin and help prepare the skin for your shave.
Step 3: Wet your stubble with warm or hot water before shaving. It softens the hair allowing it to be cut more easily.
Step 4: Thoroughly massage shaving cream or gel into stubble before your shave. It not only helps soften the hair but helps protect against nasty razor rashes and burns and some formulas hydrate your skin. We recommend Wilkinson Sword Hydro Sensitive Shave Gel.
Step 5: Make sure your blades are sharp. Dull blades are the culprit for most shaving accidents. A new blade will help prevent dragging of the razor over your face which can cause skin irritation.
Step 6: Use gentle pressure against your beard and shave with the grain of the hair.
Step 7: Shave the most sensitive area of your face first - the neck and below the jawbone - then move up the face. For the closest shave, we recommend Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5
Step 8: Rinse the blade in hot water when shaving and use slow short strokes. It'll reduce drag that the razor may make to your skin.
Hydro 5 - 8 blade packStep 9: Apply oil-free after-shave moisturiser to soothe, protect and invigorate your skin. If you are using after-shave check the label for alcohol and be warned that this is the ingredient that makes your skin sting. Remember to be careful of mentholated shaving products. They may give you a nice cool sensation at first, but menthol, like alcohol, can be irritating to the skin.

How often should you change your blades?

Blade life is affected by a lot of variables, these include (but are not limited to):
- Shaving preparation used
- Frequency of shaving
- Hair type, rate of growth and length
- Number of razor strokes per shave
As an average we would recommend changing blades approximately every 5-7 shaves to get the optimum results from your razor
You can improve the shave life of the blades by shaving often and using good lubrication and keeping the cartridge clean and dry between uses


Hydro Silk Women's RazorWomen

Should women use shave preps?

When shaving legs, underarms or the bikini area, proper skin preparation is a vital first step. Avoid shaving without first moistening dry hair with water, as dry hair is difficult to cut which could lead to tugging and pulling
Exfoliating the skin will help get rid of dead skin cells, preparing the skin for that great smooth shave
While you can use other products such as shower gels or creams, we recommend a Wilkinson Sword shave gel or foam which helps protect the skin from irritation. Using these shave care products as part of your routine will help minimise the risk of irritation and make sure you get the most from your razor
Quattro Womens RazorShaving foam or gel also helps prepare the skin for shaving by lifting and softening the hairs, helping you get a close shave
After shaving always try to use a moisturiser to hydrate the skin such as Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter - enriched with cocoa butter, avocado oil and aloe vera, to moisturise skin and keep your legs feeling silky smooth

Why do I need my own razor – surely my boyfriend’s one will do?

A woman's body is very complex, with a multitude of curves and changing skin types which is why it's important to use products which are designed for your body and your needs
Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Beauty boasts three flexible blades on a pivoting head, cushioned with 2 lubricating strips to follow closely the contours of the body
The Wilkinson Sword Quattro For Women razor was developed with a pivoting head to closely follow the contours of a woman's body and boasts blades cushioned with large conditioning strips that are enriched with Papaya and for a silky smooth shave
​Therefore, today's System razors for women are just as sophisticated as those designed for men - however, they have been specifically designed with women in mind. So, there's no excuse to borrow your man's razor ever again!


Are there any reasons for the design differences between male and female razors?

Generally the handles of men's razors are ergonomically designed to shave facial areas whereas women's razors handles are shaped to shave different body areas such as under arms and legs.