Why is it important to look after your skin?

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Why is it important to look after your skin?

Our skin is amazing

It covers our whole bodies and grows and shrinks at a rate that we can be comfortable with. It colours (or not), it shows the signs of a happy life, a sad life, a happy life, or an overindulgent life.

But how many of us look after our skin effectively throughout the years so that we can reap the benefits as we get older? We think it’s a small percentage of people – but maybe that is because we don’t fully value our skin and how great it is.

Let’s look at the science bit

Our skin is made up of cells, and these cells contain collagen – which is a useful protein which is produced by our skin cells to effectively hold all the cells together. The collagen gives  your skin its’ firmness and elasticity.  Collagen regenerates itself, which keeps our skin looking young and vibrant – but as we age, our collagen replenishment slows down, which is what causes sagging skin and wrinkles – particularly if we don’t look after our skin and damage it by exposure to sun and not keeping it clean and moisturised.

What can we do?

Increase your Vitamin C levels – it is shown that the higher levels of Vitamin C in your diet, the less likely you are to develop wrinkles – and as Vitamin C is natural, this is great news. It’s important to remember that Vitamin C can’t be stored in the human body, so you need an almost constant source of it to make a positive difference. Our Vitamin C Slow Release Product can make a difference here- as it will slowly release the vitamin into your body throughout the day.  Top your diet up with red peppers, organges, Kiwi fruit, broccoli & sprouts too for an additional Vitamin C burst.


Remove all traces of the dirt of the day – whether that’s traffic pollution, make up or other interfering actions. Give your skin a chance to breathe naturally and replenish as best it can. The Meltaway Cleansing Balm from Natures Sunshine removes all traces of make-up with this luxurious cleansing balm that helps purify and refresh all skin types, maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance without stripping away natural oils.


Keep your skin hydrated – both by drinking water regularly and by using a quality moisturiser on your skin. Our Delicate Serum contains marine collagen along with ten organic fruit extracts and essential oils to help moisturise, plump, smooth and nourish your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Stimulate your skin cells into action by gently massaging them regularly – use a natural product like our Argan Oil which is a natural product and is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which help to moisturise, nourish, sooth, and regenerate.

Work these steps into a regular routine and give your skin the best chance that it has to stay looking young and supple for as long as it can.