Who Are Symprove?

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Who Are Symprove?

Who Are Symprove?


Symprove are a a research led company


In the 1990s a need was identified for a totally different bacteria formula which could withstand the extreme conditions in the bodies digestive tract. Symprove was established in 2002 following the launch of a research and development programme to produce a formula to this specification, fit for human consumption.


Following extensive research, a range of independent testing, as well as meeting the challenges of all the regulatory bodies for transfer of technology to humans, the company started selling Symprove in Autumn 2008.


Symprove has now grown eve further and its Board of Directors include physicians, industry experts and business leaders, providing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company.


Symprove Takes Care of the bacteria


Looking after super-sensitive bacteria is a challenge for any organisation and scientist.


As living organisms, these sensitive microorganisms do not like being subject to extremes, so everything Symprove do throughout the production process has their best interests at heart.They are well looked after at the purpose-built Symprove next generation production facility in Farnham.


Symprove bacteria are naturally occurring and grown on the extract of germinated barley (the substrate). A unique food source for the bacteria, the substrate helping them to flourish and grow.




Symprove manages all aspects of the production process, from the moment their specially selected barley arrives, all the way to delivering the finished product to retailers and consumers alike.


Unlike some other producers, Symprove always uses exactly the same strains of bacteria.

Every batch of Symprove is analysed by an independent laboratory, to ensure that the correct bacteria formula is met. There are incredibly about 10 billion live activated colony forming units per 50ml serving.


The product has been rigorously tested and analysed including ELISA R5 antibody testing for gluten, resulting in readings of less than 7ppm.


Safety, efficacy, and the delivery of viable live bacteria to the gut in optimum condition, is at the heart of Symprove. Symprove’s Unique Delivery System (UDS™) enables this to happen.


Now you have read a bit abut Symprove, why not try their product.