Who are Symprove?

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Who are Symprove?

Who are Symprove?

Symprove​Symprove Holdings Limited is a Research and Development company based in Surrey, United Kingdom. The core product is a completely unique approach to probiotics, which for the first time, delivers the multiple strains of bacteria in a way that allows them to live up to their true potential, and work within optimum conditions.

The Company Founders have worked in probiotic research and development for over 25 years, moving the technology from its original farming roots, to making it available for human consumption.The product was refined and in 2005 patents were filed for the proprietary delivery system.


Symprove works with independent laboratories and centres of excellence to ensure its bacterial cultures are delivered to the highest standards.

Their purpose-built Symprove next generation production facility in Farnham uses the latest production processes, in a clean-room environment, to produce very high purity bacteria cultures. Symprove bacteria are naturally occurring and grown on extract of germinated barley (the substrate). A unique food source for the bacteria, the substrate is also a prebiotic, helping them to flourish and grow.

They manage all aspects of the production process, from the moment their specially selected barley arrives, to the moment we despatch the finished product to you. Producing high purity bacteria cultures is an exacting science and a discipline they take very seriously. Unlike many other producers, they always use exactly the same strains of bacteria.

Every batch of Symprove is analysed by an independent laboratory, to ensure that the correct bacteria formula is met with about 10 billion live activated colony forming units per 50ml serving. The product has been rigorously tested and analysed including: ELISA R5 antibody testing for gluten, resulting in readings of less than 7ppm - well below CODEX and FSA guidelines.

Safety, Efficacy, and the delivery of viable live bacteria to the gut in optimum condition, is at the heart of their business and a responsibility they have to their customers. Symprove's Unique Delivery System (UDS™) enables this to happen.

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