What Makes Super Omega 3 EPA from Nature's Sunshine Different?

What Makes Super Omega 3 EPA from Nature's Sunshine Different?

What Makes Super Omega 3 EPA Different?

Super Omega 3So how is Super Omega 3 different from other Omega 3 supplements. In order to understand this we have to look at the active constituents of Omega 3 – EPA or eicosapentanoeic acid and DHA or docosahexaenoic acid. These are the useful parts of any Omega 3 oil, the parts that the body makes use of.

Obviously, the higher the levels of both of these in a supplement, the more effective it will be. In Super Omega- 3 EACH CAPSULE contains 380 mg of EPA and 190 mg of DHA. This is in the region of double that seen in normal strength formulations, so you get a much more effective supplement for your money.

Each capsule is hermetically sealed during encapsulation to prevent oxygen reacting with the oils.

In addition, natural lemon oil has been added to each capsule as a natural preservative, and also to ensure a pleasant taste and, very importantly, it is guaranteed free from radiation, heavy metals and all forms of marine pollution.

It is important to have this guarantee , and fish oil that has not been properly screened and tested can be less than beneficial.

In summary, Super Omega 3 is beneficial for the nervous, skeletal, cardiovascular, glandular and immune systems.

Is used by fitness industry professionals to help clients with weight management, and may also help with fat cravings. Omega 3 helps decrease fat cravings but it can often be a sign when someone has fat cravings that they are lacking in essential fatty acids, the lipid oils, as opposed to the saturated fats. Helps manage behaviour problems in adolescents and young adults. Skin conditions, have also shown improvement.