The Passions of the Symprove Manufacturing Team

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The Passions of the Symprove Manufacturing Team

Symprove Logo​Symprove Passions

1. STAND TALL: They know it is possible to prove the efficacy of their products. They are proud to be different and will not keep quiet. They are smart, focused and strategic about the things they choose to do.

2. RIGHT IS RIGHT: They hold themselves and each other to uncommonly high standards. They do what is right for their customer, even when it is hard to do.

Research3. ALL HANDS: Their employees, their customers and their community are in this together. They assume the best in others and communicate in an open and trusted way. They always try to help where they can.

4. STRETCH IT: They invest in their future development, products, employees and customers. They encourage learning through providing resources and through actionable feedback.

5. STORY TIME: Stories in and about an organisation give insight to the soul of the company. They encourage information sharing at all levels to allow their customers and employees to write the “future history” together.