Symprove for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Symprove TummySymprove - the leading product for irritable bowel syndrome supplied by UK based Simply Sunshine. Endorsed by leading authorities and sufferers alike, Symprove is the obvious choice for IBS relief.

​Symprove is a breakthrough multi-strain supplement that contains 4 unique strains of live activated bacteria. These are: L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum. Unlike other supplements on the market, Symprove uses a Unique Delivery System (UDS™) that ensures live activated bacteria reach targeted areas of your gut without triggering digestion in your stomach.  

To be effective, bacteria have to Arrive, Survive and Thrive.

The bacteria in Symprove are live and active meaning they ARRIVE and are ready to work in harmony with your digestive system from the word go.

Digestion, involving strong stomach acid and bile salts, is triggered by the ingestion of food. Bacteria which are delivered in foods are therefore exposed to this and may struggle to survive in this harsh acidic environment. Bacteria in many other products are freeze-dried which means they have to be activated before they can get to work. Being inactive means they are very sensitive to the acid in the stomach and many don’t survive. For both of these types of product, during the process of digestion many are destroyed.

Arrive Survive Thrive​Symprove is different because it contains live and active bacteria in a unique water-based formulation that does not trigger digestion – therefore the bacteria are able to SURVIVE through the stomach.

After passing through the harsh environment of the stomach, the Bacteria needs to rapidly colonise the targeted area. For products that are stomach acid sensitive, there may not be enough viable bacteria left to form strong colonies. Whereas Symprove arrives in the gut and immediately starts to THRIVE.

Breakthrough independent research by University College London (UCL) has recently been completed and published comparing various products and their ability to Arrive, Survive and Thrive. This research showed that Symprove was clearly able to Arrive, Survive and Thrive better than the other products.

These results prove that Symprove’s live and active bacteria arrives in the gut where they thrive and multiply to work effectively. It is critical however, that people do commit to the 12 week programme in order to gain maximum benefits as it takes time to re-balance gut bacteria.


More details and information about Symprove

Symprove​Symprove does make a Difference

The article linked below in the Daily Mail by Jonathan Gornall has a great deal of information relevant to anyone thinking of embarking on taking probiotics for their health.

The article is here.  Enjoy!

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More details and information about Symprove