Symprove - Independent Clinical Trials

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Symprove - Independent Clinical Trials

Independent Clinical Trials

Research​Symprove has an overseeing goal to prove effectiveness in treatment for medical indications by the use of independent clinical trials. By doing this, there is 'nowhere to hide' if trial results do not show favourable results for the product. Dr Stephen de Felice, Founder & Chairman, Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, said:"The nutraceutical industry will never achieve its potential until it better adapts pharma protocols – and this can be done with food nutrients."

Symprove are leading the industry in proving the effectiveness of their probiotics. Research and development is at the heart of our business and following the IBS trial results announcement by King's at Digestive Disease Week (DDW2012), the company has been approached by several hospitals wishing to conduct trials for a number of medical indications.

Symprove has already achieved several notable breakthroughs and has industry leading trials in progress.

"Symprove now has high quality trial data to support it, showing the bacterial culture has a significant beneficial effect with IBS populations. As a result, further trials are underway for IBD and Diverticular Disease." Anton Emmanuel

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