Sunshine Concentrate (946ml) + Dispenser

This concentrated, all-purpose cleaner from Nature's Sunshine is tough on dirt, grime and grease, yet it won’t harm the environment or your family. This is because it contains no phosphates, borates or acids. Its has biodegradable cleaning and sudsing agents with break down easily, and therefore help to prevent foaming in lakes and streams.

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This all-purpose, concentrated cleaner is tough on dirt, grease and grime, but kind to the environment. Suitable for a multitude of uses, indoors and out.

Many soaps and cleaners are very alkaline, having a pH of 8 or higher, which means they can be harmful to those who have sensitive skin. But with a pH of 6.5, Sunshine Concentrate from Nature's Sunshine is gentle on any skin type, making it the ideal cleaning product for a multitude of jobs around the home.