Sources and Benefits of Omega 3

Sources and Benefits of Omega 3

Sources of Omega 3

Good food sources are oily fish such as mackerel, eels, wild salmon, trout and sardines. For a vegetarian diet flax seed oil is an excellent source. Pumpkin seeds, soy beans and walnuts are other excellent sources.

One of the reasons that Omega 3 may be lacking in our diets is that these food sources don’t make up a huge part of our diet, and also that Omega 3 is a very fragile oil. This means that it is very easily destroyed. It turns rancid quickly when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. If you cook oily fish above 120 centigrade it can destroy the oil, or turn it rancid within the fish, so you lose any of the benefit you would otherwise get.

Health Benefits of Omega 3Omega-3 oils are very fragile even when you buy them as a liquid oil. For example, olive oil, should be cold pressed, which means that the oil is not put through high speed machinery that generates heat and friction, and they need to be stored in dark bottles to protect from exposure to light.

So look out for cold pressed oils stored in dark or opaque bottles, and preferably buy at a size that you will use quite quickly.

Heath Benefits of Omega 3

One of the things most people want to know is what are the benefits to taking an Omega supplement. There is a lot of research on a wide variety of topics, which demonstrates how wide ranging the effect of these oils are. 

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids have been found beneficial for the nervous, skeletal, cardiovascular, glandular and immune systems, and some midwives are now recommending that they are taken during pregnancy to help develop healthy brain and eye tissue.

Omega-3s have been well researched and found to have multiple health benefits across most body systems:

Health Benefits - continued

• Brain tissue is largely made up of fatty acids, which are essential to healthy brain development and maintenance as DHA is most concentrated in the brain and retina
• The formation of healthy brain and eye tissue during foetal development, and maintaining them into old age
• Skin conditions, including dry skin and eczema have also shown improvement
• Many fitness industry professionals use Omega-3 EFA’s to help clients with weight management

Other interesting studies suggest positive benefits in the behaviour and mood of children if they take Omega 3 supplements. One of the areas that these oils are vitally important in the body is within the brain. They are found in high concentrations within the brain and it has been shown that supplementing these oils has a very positive effect on children in lots of different ways.

Also, if your skin is very dry, or you’re prone to getting dehydration lines.

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