So what is a Free Radical again?

So what is a Free Radical again?

What is a free radical?

A free radical is a molecule this can be produced as a result of normal metabolic processing, such as cell respiration and energy production, or from exposure to toxins, chemicals, pollution, radiation, poor diet and other lifestyle factors.

Free Radicals:  DangerThey have the potential to cause damage to other cells within the body. Cells are attacked many thousands of times a day, setting up a chain reaction that can damage DNA and lead to cell death. They contribute to degenerative process in our body, including ageing.

Free radicals damage…

All free radicals are missing an electron in their makeup, which makes them inherently unstable.



As a consequence they try to ‘steal’ an electron from another molecule, turning that, into a free radical. All this happens in a fraction of a second, and like a row of dominos going down, cell after cell can become damaged. This is one of the reasons why free radicals can be so devastating in the long term.


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