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EverFlex Tablets (60) EverFlex Tablets (60) (SRP £19.95) £16.96 EverFlex is a comprehensive nutritional supplement that contains three key natural ingredients important to joint health.   ... add to basket EverFlex Tablets (60)
Omega 3-6-9 (60) Omega 3-6-9 (60) (SRP £17.95) £15.26 100% unrefined flax seed oil - a rich source of Essential Fatty Acids that contains lignans, and linoleic acid. Each 1000mg carob coated softgel capsule provides Omegas 3, 6 and 9, A convenient plant sourced alternative to fish oils. (Product formerly known as Flax Seed Oil).   ... add to basket Omega 3-6-9 (60)
Nutri-Calm (90) Nutri-Calm (90) (SRP £21.45) £18.23 Consistently in our Top Five best-sellers, Nutri-Calm is an amazing combination providing generous levels of Vitamin C and B-Complex vitamins with added chamomile, and helps us settle when life becomes too much of a challenge.       ... add to basket Nutri-Calm (90)
Alfalfa (100) Alfalfa (100) (SRP £13.45) £11.43 Alfalfa has a long tradition of use, the name itself come from Arabic and literally translates of "father of foods" Alfalfa is a rich source of nutrients as its roots can go down as far as 20 foot into the ground (about half the height of a Brachiosaurus) Alfalfa can reach nutrients that ... add to basket Alfalfa (100)
Aloe Vera Juice   (946 ml) Aloe Vera Juice (946 ml) (SRP £17.95) £15.26 Made from 100% Pure Aloe Vera this is a nutritional powerhouse. Would you believe it? It contains 200 biological compounds, including vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, niacinamide, choline and 18 amino acids. It is even Suitable for Vegans. ... add to basket Aloe Vera Juice (946 ml)
Black Walnut (100) Black Walnut (100) (SRP £10.95) £9.31   The nut of the Black Walnut (juglans nigra) is highly nutritious and has formed part of our diet for centuries. It is a good source of protein as well as nutrients such as iodine, chromium, potassium, the trace mineral manganese and Vitamins A and C.     ... add to basket Black Walnut (100)
Aloe Vera Juice - Multipack (box of 6) Aloe Vera Juice - Multipack (box of 6) (SRP £89.95) £76.46 100% Pure Aloe Vera Juice - a nutritional powerhouse, in a money saving SIX PACK. Certified by the International Aloe Science Council. Suitable for vegans. ... add to basket Aloe Vera Juice - Multipack (box of 6)
Bowel Build (120) Bowel Build (120) (SRP £19.95) £16.96 A perfectly balanced blend of key nutrients and plant extracts for the intestinal system. Many health experts agree that the cause of most chronic health concerns is a toxic colon.       ... add to basket Bowel Build (120)
Brain Protex with Huperzine (60) Brain Protex with Huperzine (60) (SRP £29.95) £25.46 Rich in potent antioxidants chosen for the brain and is especially helpful for people over 50 years of age. Designed to give maximum protection against excess free radical damage. ... add to basket Brain Protex with Huperzine (60)
Calcium Magnesium Calcium Magnesium (SRP £16.45) £13.98 Synergistic blend containing 100%+ RDA of Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D, helping to maintain normal bones, teeth and muscles, and normal function of the immune system. Magnesium also contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. ... add to basket Calcium Magnesium
Fenugreek & Fennel Combination (100) Fenugreek & Fennel Combination (100) (SRP £13.45) £11.43 A Key System Product that provides balanced nutrition for the respiratory system. It is a traditional formula used by nutritionists for the respiratory system and provides specific nutrients that nourish the lungs. ... add to basket Fenugreek & Fennel Combination (100)
Caprylic Acid Combination (90) Caprylic Acid Combination (90) (SRP £20.95) £17.81 An enteric coated prebiotic designed to nutritionally support anyone wanting to rebalance their friendly bacteria.       ... add to basket Caprylic Acid Combination (90)
Juniper & Parsley Combination (100) Juniper & Parsley Combination (100) (SRP £11.95) £10.16 This is a Key System Product that nutritionally supports the urinary system, specifically bladder and kidney health. ... add to basket Juniper & Parsley Combination (100)
Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley (100) Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley (100) (SRP £17.95) £15.26 This clever combination offers a combination of botanical sources that help maintain healthy digestive, circulatory and immune systems. ... add to basket Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley (100)
Master Gland Formula (120) Save an Extra 10% Master Gland Formula (120) Save an Extra 10% (SRP £16.95) £12.97 Master Gland is a Key System Product for maintaining a healthy glandular system. It contains essential vitamins and minerals, combined with specific herbs which are rich in easily absorbed trace minerals, to supply the glands with nutrients.       ... add to basket Master Gland Formula (120) Save an Extra 10%
Chinese Herb and Mineral Blend Chinese Herb and Mineral Blend (SRP £24.95) £21.21 This special blend of herbs and trace minerals contains nine Chinese herbs that help support the systems that build physical, mental and emotional energy. Contains natural apple and cherry flavours. Suitable for vegans. ... add to basket Chinese Herb and Mineral Blend
Mega-Chel (120) Mega-Chel (120) (SRP £22.95) £19.51 So much more than just a multi vitamin, this comprehensive combination provides of a wide range of nutrients for the circulatory system, and generous amounts of vitamin C, which contributes towards the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. ... add to basket Mega-Chel (120)
Cranberry & Buchu Combination (100) Cranberry & Buchu Combination (100) (SRP £24.95) £21.21 Natures Sunshine combines cranberry juice concentrate with buchu herb concentrate. ... add to basket Cranberry & Buchu Combination (100)
Boost    (Damiana & Ginseng Combination) Boost (Damiana & Ginseng Combination) (SRP £19.95) £16.96 BOOST with l-arginine This unique adult formula is especially designed to support vitality levels, and circulation, with carefully selected stimulating herbs and nutrients. Previously know as "Damiana & Ginseng Combination"     ... add to basket Boost (Damiana & Ginseng Combination)
Defence Maintenance (120) Defence Maintenance (120) (SRP £22.95) £19.51 Key System Product that provides essential nutrients for the normal function of the immune and nervous systems. With antioxidant vitamins A, C & E contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, and the protection of cells from oxidative stress. ... add to basket Defence Maintenance (120)
Evening Primrose Oil Evening Primrose Oil (SRP £16.95) £14.41 Contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that assists the body in producing prostaglandins (messengers in the body that perform hundreds of important functions). ... add to basket Evening Primrose Oil
Butcher's Broom (100) Butcher's Broom (100) (SRP £14.95) £12.71 Traditionally, this herb was taken for the circulatory system as Butcher’s Broom contains important flavonoids (natural substances that strengthen capillary walls). ... add to basket Butcher's Broom (100)
Fat Grabbers (120) Fat Grabbers (120) (SRP £14.95) £12.71 Absorb less fat from your everyday diet, with Fat Grabbers - a unique formula of wholesome nutritional ingredients, helping you to create an effective weight management programme. ... add to basket Fat Grabbers (120)
Fenugreek & Fennel Extract (59 ml) Fenugreek & Fennel Extract (59 ml) (SRP £15.45) £13.13 This is the Key Product especially formulated for the respiratory system in an easy to assimilate liquid extract - suitable for children. Suitable for vegans. ... add to basket Fenugreek & Fennel Extract (59 ml)
Garlic - High Potency (60) Garlic - High Potency (60) (SRP £19.95) £16.96 The finest and most potent garlic on the market with a special coating that helps control the garlic’s odour. ... add to basket Garlic - High Potency (60)
Gotu Kola (100) Gotu Kola (100) (SRP £14.95) £12.71 This herb is called brain food by many. It contains nutrients that support the bodys vitality and feed the nervous system, including vitamins A, B, E and K, and magnesium.         ... add to basket Gotu Kola (100)
Hawthorn Berries Extract  (59ml) Hawthorn Berries Extract (59ml) (SRP £12.95) £11.01 A natural, pure extract of the finest hawthorn berries. The berries’ effects on the circulatory system have been researched extensively and found to contain specific types of antioxidants which nourish the cardiovascular system. Suitable for Vegans.       ... add to basket Hawthorn Berries Extract (59ml)
Hops & Valerian with Passion Flower (100) Hops & Valerian with Passion Flower (100) (SRP £12.45) £10.58 Feeds the nervous system with many elements it needs to maintain health. The combination is a natural source of selenium, zinc, niacin and vitamin C. ... add to basket Hops & Valerian with Passion Flower (100)
Energ-V (100) Energ-V (100) (SRP £14.95) £12.71 Designed to support the body’s own energy building system. Works with glandular, nervous and circulatory systems, providing a variety of nutrients for optimal vitality. ... add to basket Energ-V (100)
Varigone (90) Varigone (90) (SRP £19.95) £16.96 A combination of six powerful herbs and nutrients that work together to fortify and nourish the overall health, of the cardiovascular system. ... add to basket Varigone (90)
Horsetail & Rosemary Combination  (100) Horsetail & Rosemary Combination (100) (SRP £14.95) £12.71 This formula contains Dulse plant, Horsetail herb, Sage leaves and Rosemary leaves. These botanicals provide significant amounts of herbal silicon (27.9mg per 100 grams). ... add to basket Horsetail & Rosemary Combination (100)
Immune Formula (90) Immune Formula (90) (SRP £27.95) £23.76 This is a blend of natural ingredients formulated for the immune system and also acts as an antioxidant to strengthen the body.       ... add to basket Immune Formula (90)
Kelp & Hops Combination (100) Kelp & Hops Combination (100) (SRP £12.45) £10.58 Formulated to support healthy thyroid function, this product contains a unique blend of kelp plant, Irish moss plant, parsley herb, hops flowers and capsicum fruit. Kelp is a wonderful source of iodine, an essential nutrient for healthy thyroid function. ... add to basket Kelp & Hops Combination (100)
Licorice & Dandelion Combination  (100) Licorice & Dandelion Combination (100) (SRP £16.95) £14.41 This formula is designed to meet the nutritional needs of the digestive system. Licorice root helps soothe the gastro-intestinal tract and promotes balance and well-being. ... add to basket Licorice & Dandelion Combination (100)
Licorice Root  (100) Licorice Root (100) (SRP £12.95) £11.01 Licorice root has been used by traditional herbalists as a general supplement and for respiratory support. It also supports the liver and glandular system. ... add to basket Licorice Root (100)
Fenugreek & Thyme  (100) Fenugreek & Thyme (100) (SRP £13.45) £11.43 Fenugreek herb contains mucilaginous compounds, known for their ability to soothe tissues. An excellent herbal source of Selenium, an antioxidant that helps the body utilise oxygen. ... add to basket Fenugreek & Thyme (100)
Liquid Chlorophyll - Multipack (box of 4) Liquid Chlorophyll - Multipack (box of 4) (SRP £44.95) £38.21 Save money with this Liquid Chlorophyll multipack of 4 - a great way to buy your favourite product, and share the benefits of this product with family and friends. Suitable for vegans.       ... add to basket Liquid Chlorophyll - Multipack (box of 4)
Liquid Chlorophyll (473ml) Liquid Chlorophyll (473ml) (SRP £14.25) £12.11 So your next question is going to be, why would I take liquid Chlorophyll; what is it for? Liquid Chlorophyll is ideal for everyday use and will be a great compliment to your next detox or cleanse. ... add to basket Liquid Chlorophyll (473ml)
Liver Health Formula (100) Liver Health Formula (100) (SRP £14.95) £12.71 Natures Sunshines unique ‘Liver Health Formula’ has been specially developed with eleven key ingredients to help nourish the liver.       ... add to basket Liver Health Formula (100)
Magnesium (90) Magnesium (90) (SRP £12.45) £10.58 Magnesium plays an important role in producing energy for the cells and helping with the absorption of several other vitamins and minerals. ... add to basket Magnesium (90)
Ginkgo & Hawthorn   (100) Ginkgo & Hawthorn (100) (SRP £13.45) £11.43 Used in many cultures as a nourishing food supplement, Hawthorn Berries contain high amounts of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids which nourish and condition the circulatory system. ... add to basket Ginkgo & Hawthorn (100)
MSM  (90) MSM (90) (SRP £19.95) £16.96 This naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulphur needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes. ... add to basket MSM (90)
Ginkgo Biloba Timed Release (30) Ginkgo Biloba Timed Release (30) (SRP £17.45) £14.83 One of the top-selling herbs in Europe, and a powerful free radical scavenger. Our unique 12 hour, time release formula provides a constant supply of Ginkgo throughout the day. Suitable for vegans. ... add to basket Ginkgo Biloba Timed Release (30)
Mullein  (100) Mullein (100) (SRP £13.45) £11.43 Mulleins high mucilage content and mild saponins make it a soothing support for the respiratory system. ... add to basket Mullein (100)
Nature's Prenatal (120) Nature's Prenatal (120) (SRP £22.95) £19.51 Formulated for pre-conception and pregnancy. With 800mcg of Folic acid, it provides a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals to support the nutritional needs of both mother and baby. With Ginger root to help soothe the stomach. ... add to basket Nature's Prenatal (120)
Grapine - High Potency  (60) Grapine - High Potency (60) (SRP £19.95) £16.96 An optimal blend of proanthocyanidins derived from grape seeds and maritime pine bark. Grapine’s proanthocyanidins help protect from oxidative damage and are quickly absorbed into the body. Suitable for vegans. ... add to basket Grapine - High Potency (60)
Nopal (100) Nopal (100) (SRP £16.45) £13.98 Nopal is a cactus plant commonly known as the prickly pear. It contains pectins and mucilage that are beneficial to the digestive system. It’s particularly useful in providing nutrients to the pancreas and liver that support digestion. ... add to basket Nopal (100)
Papaya Mint Chewable  (70) Papaya Mint Chewable (70) (SRP £9.95) £8.46 Nutritionally formulated for the digestive system, these chewable tablets can also be used as a tasty breath mint. Suitable for vegans. ... add to basket Papaya Mint Chewable (70)
Peppermint Oil  (5ml) Peppermint Oil (5ml) (SRP £9.95) £8.46 This popular flavouring can be added to hot or cold water for a soothing, refreshing after-meal drink as well as a digestive aid. Peppermint (mentha piperita) helps maintain healthy digestion and has cooling properties. Suitable for vegans. ... add to basket Peppermint Oil (5ml)
Phyto-Soy (90) Phyto-Soy (90) (SRP £18.45) £15.68 Soya is in great demand because of its healthful benefits for the immune, glandular and circulatory systems. Nature’s Sunshine’s Phyto-Soy is certified as non-genetically modified. ... add to basket Phyto-Soy (90)



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