Proactazyme - Nature's Sunshine's Key System Product for the Digestive System

Proactazyme - Nature's Sunshine's Key System Product for the Digestive System

Nature's Sunshine's Key System Product for the Digestive System

What are Digestive Enzymes?Proactazyme

First of all we need to understand what Digestive Enzymes are? They are vital to how we breakdown and assimilate the nutrients in our food. Our food contains a very wide range of nutrients that we need in order to live, but in order to obtain the nutrients, we have to break the food right down to its constituent parts, and it is digestive enzymes that actually help us to do that.

Proteins need to be broken down into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose for us to use as energy, and fats into essential fatty acids and glycerol. 

Different enzymes breakdown different foods and the body produces a range of these enzymes to ensure that we can digest and assimilate what is important for us.


There are actually 2 sources of enzymes. The first of those our body produces and these are called pancreatic enzymes, produced by the pancreas, and this is one of the functions that the pancreas has. But there is another source of enzymes which are plant based enzymes.

All plants that grow contain enzymes as part of their makeup and our bodies can utilise these enzymes to help breakdown food. It takes a load off the pancreas and pancreatic enzymes, giving us a helping hand with digestion, but  unfortunately the plant based enzymes are destroyed by heat - anything over 118 degrees C which actually isn’t that hot.

If you are an advocate of raw foods, you will know that it is not actually deemed to be raw food if it’s heated to over 118 degrees, and this really is because of the enzymatic activity being lost, so you lose the benefit of eating the food raw.

Enzymes are one of the benefits of eating food, so ideally we would include a percentage of raw food in our diets.

Pancreatic Enzymes

Pancreatic enzymes are made in the pancreas and transported to the gall bladder where they are put into bile, which is produced by the liver. It is then delivered into the small intestine via the bile duct, when food is released from the stomach. Pancreatic enzymes are vital for the breakdown of food that takes place within the small intestine.

We need to obtain a wide variety of nutrients from our diet for all sorts of things, but if we don’t have a very nutrient-rich diet and a full range of nutrients within our diet, then not only will we not feel fit and vital, but we will struggle to make the digestive enzymes we need, so it becomes quite circular.

If you are nutritionally depleted then your digestion will be very poor, which means you will have trouble breaking down and assimilating food and on it goes. Therefore it really is very important that effective digestion is taken quite seriously.


PlusWe have a finite reserve of these enzymes, and they are not produced within our bodies at the same high levels throughout our lives, and as we get older enzymes starts to deplete.
This is one of the reasons that nature has been very kind to us and given us plant enzymes, which help us boost the reserves we do have.

These day many of us don’t eat much of our food raw, and so we may deplete our supply of pancreatic enzymes very quickly, or have problems producing them, which may cause digestive
difficulties. It is not unusual to see people in their late 30s or early 40s who are already starting to notice problems surrounding digestion. It becomes much more common when people are in their 50s and 60s and most certainly in their 70s, when digestive problems around actually breaking food down properly and assimilating food, that is being able to absorb the goodness
out of the food, becomes much more common.

In addition there is another factor here which is to do with low stomach acid. There are quite a number of reasons why this may happens but if this is a problem – and for anyone exposed to
stress it is very common - we may also produce fewer digestive enzymes from the pancreas. This is because one of the triggers for the pancreas to start making digestive enzymes is when
the stomach starts producing stomach acid in anticipation of a meal. If that process is impaired, a certain level of acid is not produced, then the trigger to produce pancreatic enzymes is not
stimulated as it should be.

Foods that can help

Take a look at some of the foods that are actually going to help you with your digestion. There are foods which will naturally help to stimulate the pancreas and will help to breakdown and digest food. These are known as ‘naturally fermented foods’ - things such as sauerkraut, cottage cheese, yoghurt, and kefir.

Fermented foods not only have good levels of enzymes, but also of probiotic bacteria, which are important for a healthy digestive tract. They are very good for digestion in a number of ways, and If you are not eating a lot of raw foods maybe you should think about including some of these fermented foods in your diet.



Beware of Beans!There are a few raw foods you do need to be wary of as there are some which actually block the action of digestive enzymes, such as lentils, chickpeas and beans, and other pulses. Those who are familiar with eating raw food may already know that we don’t eat pulses and beans without cooking them first. If you try to eat them raw then you could get a very bad case of indigestion because the enzyme blocking factors in these foods actually stop the proteins in the pulses being broken down, and this could cause a digestion problem. So you either have to cook the food which kills the enzymes or you have to do what is called sprout the food, which turns it into a living food. So you eat them as sprouted foods which are both delicious and highly nutritious.


Why Break Down Food?



Let’s look at why it is important to break food down properly. Obviously we need to break the food down in order to get the nutrients out of it, but there is also something else here we need to think about and that is, if food is not fully broken down then partially digested food has the potential to cause us problems. 

It can set up damage in the gut, damaging the gut wall, causing inflammation and in the longer term it can actually compromise the integrity of the gut wall. The gut wall should really act like a filter to stop unwanted particles getting through, such as bacteria, toxins and partially digested food. If these get through into the blood stream then it potentially sets up the scene for an allergy to develop as the body responds to the partially digested food that is getting into the bloodstream as a foreign invader.

Weak Digestion Problems


Many people have food intolerances, due to impaired digestive function. Not everyone who has impaired digestion is going to suffer from obvious symptoms, such as indigestion, although that can be part of it. Other signs are bloating, flatulence and general discomfort, such as feeling over full, and feeling like the food isn’t moving out of the stomach quickly, or that it just sits in a lump inside.

If you are stressed then it is likely that the whole digestive process may be impaired, as the first place to feel the detrimental effects of stress is our digestive tract. It’s a very simple equation, if you don’t break down your food properly then you can’t assimilate the goodness from it, and this may cause health problems in the long term.


Not all supplements are equal, so...WHAT MAKES Nature's Sunshine DIFFERENT? Over the years Nature’s Sunshine has built their reputation upon their ethical approach to business. They take great care to ensure that their ingredients are organically sourced wherever possible, minimising the impact of chemical sprays on the environment. Their quality team audit each and every one of their suppliers, wherever they are in the world. They do all that they can to ensure that their suppliers meet the same high ethical standards as their own. Each of their products is formulated to give precisely the right ingredients in perfectly balanced amounts to ensure maximum absorption into the body. Their team of expert nutritionists, herbalists, and biologists try the products themselves during the development process, and formulas are not sent for manufacture until they’re found to be the best that they can possibly make.



A quick and easy way to obtain plant based enzymes, which can help to support the digestion of all food types, is to use an enzyme supplement as part of your diet.

Proactazyme is a superb full spectrum, general purpose enzyme formula. The active ingredients are sourced from plants and offer a wide variety of enzymes which are needed to break down food, including protease and amylase.

Scientifically balanced for maximum effectiveness Proactazyme is a unique formula, protected with an exclusive herbal blend that buffers and stabilises the enzymes. Therefore the enzymes are not damaged in the stomach, enabling them to work more effectively.


What is in Proactazyme?

Let’s take a quick look at what’s actually in Proactazyme.

Protease helps the body to absorb proteins, which are important for all repair work in the body and a multitude of enzyme functions. 

Amylase which help to absorb carbohydrates needed to create energy, and lipase helps to break down and absorb fats.

The formula includes a range of herbs, including Dandelion root and Gentian. Both the bitters and the Beetroot in Proactazyme are there to help to maintain healthy liver function. It also includes herbs know as carminatives, such as ginger, caraway, and fennel which by coincidence are often added to foods

Proactazyme Summary

In summary, Good health starts with good digestion. That’s why Proactazyme is both a Daily Nutrition product and the Key System product for the digestive system - A fantastic, general purpose enzyme supplement from plant sources containing, protease, amylase, glucoamylase, lipase, pectinase and cellulase.

When working through the Lifestyle Analysis, poor digestive function may crop up quite frequently. If the scoring is low on a number of systems including digestive, you’ll need to prioritise the products, but always make getting the digestive system balanced your top priority. In that way you will help to obtain maximum nutrition from the diet and from other supplements.
Proactazyme contains a range of plant based digestive enzymes which help to support the healthy digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins so that the body can make best use of them. In addition, there are also bitter and carminative herbs in Proactazyme to support the work of the enzymes. 

Proactazyme is simple to use, just take 1-2 capsules with a meal three times a day and do not exceed the stated recommended daily dosage.

Who would Benefit?

Anyone with poor digestion issues would find this helpful in maintaining healthy digestion.

Those who regularly eat on the run or have a junk food diet or a diet lacking in raw foods.

With age, and a depletion of enzymes, Proactazyme will help maintain healthy nutrient absorption from the diet and from food supplements. 

Stress may have an impact on digestive function, so those who is stressed may benefit from Proactazyme, helping the body digest all food types and helping to break down difficult to digest.