Paw Paw (180)

I'm sure like us, when you think of Paw Paw it conjures up images of Baloo the bear from Disney's Jungle Book singing bare necessities... "now when you pick a Paw Paw, Or a prickly pear, And you prick a raw paw..." and so on. Did you know however that a Paw Paw is actually another name for a Papaya fruit? This Paw Paw food supplement uses an extract of the twigs from a North American Paw Paw tree to improve your bodies cell health.

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Paw Paw (180) contains a supply of product that should last you for up to 2 months if used as stated on the usage tab.

This Paw Paw food supplement is a unique product, that selectively targets specific cells to enhance the overall cell health of your body.