Ongoing Research into Symprove - Diverticular Disease

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Ongoing Research into Symprove - Diverticular Disease

Symprove - Ongoing Research

DiverticulaOngoing research into further medical benefits of Symprove

As well as organising independent trials to prove the benefits of Symprove for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Symprove have also commissioned further research to find out whether Symprove can benefit patients with Diverticular Disease.

Diverticular Disease

Assessment of a multi-strain activated probiotic, Symprove, as a dietary supplement in symptomatic diverticular disease.

The investigator led study by NHS King's College Hospital has now begun.

Please contact King's College Hospital, London, for patient referral.

Trial registration:ISRCTN71661079

Trial Approach

King's have recently shown that multi strain probiotic (Symprove) reduced the symptoms of IBS significantly in comparison with a placebo in a double-blind randomized trial and without side effects.

NurseAs the symptoms in IBS and post-diverticulitis are so similar, King's College Hospital will run a double-blind placebo controlled trial of Symprove in patients with problematic diverticulitis.

Patients will be recruited from a dedicated diverticulitis clinic, the first of its kind in the UK, using standard exclusion criteria.

This is a 3 month symptom based trial using accepted outcome measures. If successful the results will have widespread implications for treatment of diverticular disease.

The primary outcome in this study is the postulated improvement in symptom severity scores over the 3 month treatment period.

There is no generally approved or validated symptom severity scoring system for patients with diverticular disease. In view of the fact that the symptoms (and possibly the cause of symptoms) of post-diverticulitis is almost identical to that of IBS King's are using the SSS-IBS scoring system.

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