Natures Sunshine Quality

Research and DevelopmentRESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

Nature’s Sunshine’s quality begins in the R&D department. As they develop new formulas, their scientists determine specifications for each ingredient, and then begin to source potential suppliers from around the world.


Nature’s Sunshine stringently pre-screens every potential supplier, insisting on a company profile and detailed descriptions of all of their processes and activities. After that, samples of material are taken for testing before any raw material is accepted. Research & Development, along with the Quality Assurance department and Purchasing department, must each give that vendor their stamp of approval.


Even though they work closely with the suppliers, they may sometimes find a batch of raw material that doesn’t meet their high standards. Nature's Sunshine annually reject about 2% of raw materials that are sent back to the supplier at their cost. Working directly with the vendors helps increase the quality of the materials and enables them to continue to provide the high quality products you have come to expect.


A product may be checked at any time during production, and if it doesn’t meet the high standards at any point, it will be withdrawn. Even when the product is finished and packaged, it is brought back for a final check before it is released for sale. If it doesn’t meet with approval, the entire batch is taken out of production.