Meet The Team

Meet Finn, Carly and Prof. Simply


They are your friendly online shopkeepers.

Like the rest of the Simply Sunshine team, they have experience of the products we sell will be there to help you throughout your visit to Simply Sunshine.





Finn has long suffered from symptoms of IBS, his friend recommended he try Symprove and he is so pleased with the results. Why not jump over to our product page and see how Symprove can help you. Finn started at Simply Sunshine in 2016 so he is spending all his spare time in the Simply Study reading up on the products that we sell.



Carly loves to keep fit, running all over the Simply sunshine site; our range of nature's sunshine products keep her in tip top condition and ready for your orders.

When Carly feels like she needs an energy boost you won't catch Carly in the kitchen making a coffee, she prefers natural energy and loves to drink the Solstic Energy range.



Prof. Simply Prof. Simply

Prof. Simply is excited by the products we stock and is always doing his research into how they can help you with your own personal situation.

Visit our Simply Study to read Prof. Simply’s findings on our products from a wide range of sources.

He has also had some of the Simply Sunshine Team visit him in the study recently to share their personal experiences of the products they stock.

Prof. Simply always has a stack of products on his desk from Symprove to Liquid Chlorophyll, he just can't stop himself reading the packaging and learning more.