Magnesium (90)

When energy-producing fuel becomes deficient in the body, your body then breaks down muscle protein to create energy. This process can cause tiredness and other problems. Research has shown that many people with this type of symptom respond to supplements containing Malic acid and Magnesium, and these are the ingredients in Nature's Sunshine's Magnesium.

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Magnesium plays an important role in producing energy for the cells and helping with the absorption of several other vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium contributes to your metabolism and is energy-yielding, it contributes to muscle function, protein synthesis, and the maintenance of bones. It is required also for daily psychological function and contributes towards a reduction in fatigue.

Malic acid, which is found in high concentrations naturally in apples and other fruits and vegetables, provides Magnesium, which plays an important role in the production of energy for the cells and helping with the absorption of a number of other vitamins and minerals. Each capsule contains 80mg of Magnesium and 350mg of Malic Acid in a form which is quickly and easily absorbed into the body.