Juniper and Parsley - Nature's Sunshine's Key Product for the Urinary System

Juniper and Parsley - Nature's Sunshine's Key Product for the Urinary System

Juniper and Parsley

Nature's Sunshine's Key Product for the Urinary System

Juniper and ParsleyThe Urinary System

The urinary system does much more than just filtering wastes out of the blood, although that’s quite a task in itself, because the kidneys create about 170 litres of filtrate and make up to 2 litres of urine every day.

They also help to maintain balance of blood pH levels, electrolytes, fluid levels and blood pressure.

Your liver and kidneys work very closely together, and any wastes not excreted through the digestive system are eliminated via the kidneys. They’re also endocrine or glandular organs because they secrete renin, which helps to regulate your blood pressure. They help to regulate your levels of phosphorous, and they stimulate the production of red blood cells.

Look after your KidneysLooking After Your Kidneys

There are a few ways you can help your kidneys to stay healthy, and one of the most important is to drink the right amount of water. The best way to know if you’re drinking enough is by monitoring how often you’re going to the toilet, and what colour the urine is.

Unless you’ve just taken your Nutri-Calm or B vitamins, your urine should be a pale yellow colour, with no smell, and you should be visiting the toilet several times a day.

For most people it equates to around 1 ½ - 2 litres of fluids daily, although that can be dependent on the weather, how much exercise and activity you undertake, etc.

Look after your Kidneys


Tea, coffee and alcohol all have a slightly diuretic effect so you need to factor in an extra ½ glass of water for each one you consume.

Anyone prone to getting urinary tract infections should consult a GP, and the same applies to anyone who is already suffering from an infection.

Infections, if left untreated, can lead to serious health problems.

Likewise with water retention. Although it’s common and can be a fairly minor problem, it can sometimes be a sign of something more serious.

Juniper and Parsley really comes into its own as a preventative, to help maintain a healthy urinary system.

The Herbs in Juniper and ParsleyThe Herbs in Juniper and Parsley


Juniper is used for when the body is holding on to too much water and needs to be dried out. The volatile oils in Juniper are what make it work on the kidney tissue, and that’s why Herbalists use Juniper to disinfect and flush the kidneys at the same time.

Juniper needs to be avoided when someone has kidney disease because these volatile oils can be too irritating if the kidney is already damaged.





The Herbs in Juniper and ParsleyParsley you’re probably already familiar with, but you might not know that it was used to treat kidney problems in the trenches during world war one. The medieval herbalist Culpeper also recommended it for people with congested or obstructed kidneys, and Parsley is very rich in antioxidants vitamin C and flavonoids, which help to protect against free radical damage.


The Hrbs in Junper and Parsley - DandelionDandelion

Dandelion is used by Herbalists as a liver and kidney cleanser, and it likes to grow in decalcified soils so that the roots can pull calcium up from deeper down.

Dandelion is also naturally rich in potassium which tends to get depleted when using some diuretics.



The Hrbs in Juniper and Parsley - Uva Ursi (Bearberry)Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi or Bearberry contains a substance called arbutin, which acts as a kind of urinary antiseptic once it’s passed through the stomach.

Herbalists also use it to astringe and tone the bladder walls. 

It works best in alkaline urine, and as Liquid Chlorophyll seems to turn the urine more acidic, it’s probably best to avoid drinking Liquid Chlorophyll whilst you’re using Juniper and Parsley combination in order to get maximum effect.




The Hrbs in Juniper and Parsley - ChamomileChamomile

Chamomile is a great herb because it’s so gentle and it does so many different things. The volatile oils have a soothing, calming effect on the urinary system, and the rest of the body, so it’s especially useful to have chamomile when stress aggravates a person’s health in some way. Interestingly in homeopathy, chamomile is used to treat tension in the liver, so again we see this close relationship between the liver and kidneys going on.



To get maximum benefit from Juniper and Parsley Combination you need to take 2 capsules daily with food, as a good preventative measure. Juniper and Parsley is not suitable for use during pregnancy, and those with kidney disease should consult their GP before use.