Gut Flora - Probiotic Eleven - Nature's Sunshine

Gut Flora - Probiotic Eleven - Nature's Sunshine

What does Gut Flora do?What does Gut Flora actually do? 

What does gut flora actually do? They have many different functions that contribute to health and we are learning more and more about the benefits of having healthy gut flora. One of the major roles is to help protect the wall of the intestines and maintain the integrity of the gut lining. This ensures that toxins and undigested food does not get access to the bloodstream, where they can go on to cause problems.

A healthy gut flora will also create certain B vitamins as well as vitamin K. They are an important part of our immune system and it is thought that it forms up to 83% of our immune function if healthy. Part of how it does this is to train the immune system to keep immune function normal.

They also form part of our digestive function, helping to break down larger proteins - things like gluten and lactose and some carbohydrates - for
absorption. They are important in helping to make the most of the nutrients from your food.

Indirectly they are also useful for weight management, because, according to recent research, food intolerances can cause weight gain and are very much connected with gut flora being out of balance.

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