Gut Ecology and Probiotic Eleven from Nature's Sunshine

Gut Ecology and Probiotic Eleven from Nature's Sunshine

Gut EcologyGut Ecology

As an adult your gut should ideally contain around about 1.5kg of gut flora which would include fungal spores, bacteria and even some viruses. So  how is your gut populated with all this?

A baby is born with a sterile gut, but as it passes through the birth canal mother passes some probiotic bacteria on to it – assuming she has good levels herself. She will then go on to give the baby more through breast milk. This is one of the reasons why breastfeeding is so important.

This helps to set up baby’s immune system, good digestive function and general health, and is therefore vitally important. 

The gut flora is a delicately balanced ecosystem, made up of a variety of different strains of bacteria, so if one species of good bacteria is removed or damaged in some way the whole system is then affected.

Different bacteria live in different parts of the gut, so its important that we have the right levels of all of them for optimum gut health.

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