Organic Ginger

ORGANIC Essential Oil - Zingiber Officinale


PLANT PART: Root/Rhizome

SOURCE: Madagascar

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation

AROMATIC ELEMENTS: α-zingiberene, ß-sesquiphellandrene

TRADITIONAL USES: Digestive, respiratory, circulatory, strength, energy, vitality.

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A spicy, woody, peppery, warm aroma that is invigorating and stimulating, with a variety of therapeutic properties for mind and body.

Ginger essential oil is extracted from the Zingiber officinale plant, also known as Common or Jamaica Ginger. The oil is extracted by steam distillation from the ground-up root of the plant. Chinese texts mention the use of ginger as medicine It is also mentioned in ancient Greek, Roman, and Arabian literature.

Ginger is a warming oil and is particularly good for digestion and fighting nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness.  It has many therapeutic properties and is used to sooth joints, muscles and skin. The warm aroma can help relieve symptoms of colds, sinusitis, crams and dry, sore skin. and fever. Used in a vaporiser, its energizing properties make it a good aphrodisiac.