From Symprove's Chairman - a Word!

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From Symprove's Chairman - a Word!

This content is taken from the Symprove blog of February 10 2015.  We at Simply Sunshine share it here for your interest, and so that you may note the restrictions that are placed on people selling products of this nature in terms of what we can and cannot claim about them.

On days like these …

You may have seen our tweet (@symprove) this week which thanked two of our customers for their kind words, explaining their Symprove Experience, it will come as no surprise to those of you who know me that this is what keeps myself and the team here at Symprove HQ motivated.

It is particularly important because of the huge restrictions we face daily as to what we can (very limited) and cannot (extremely extensive) say. Symprove is reliant almost wholly on word of mouth recommendations, either from the clients or their “advisors”. You have to read between the lines to understand what an “advisor” is under these circumstances, so on top of the tweets it was really good to see the coverage this weekend inStella Magazine, The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday,

We are absolutely intent on remaining compliant and we are collecting hundreds of our clients experiences as to how Symprove may be assisting them. Here at Symprove HQ, we are expecting within the next few months, further “ground-breaking” revelations and news, and we hope, as we always do that third-parties within the media who are not restricted in the same way, will be bringing the stories and then the information to you.

Your stories make our day – so do please keep them coming … kind regards, from a happy Symprove HQ. 

Barry Smith, Chairman

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