Organic Fennel

ORGANIC Essential Oil - Foeniculum Vulgare

TRADITIONAL USES: Respiratory, digestive, structural, skin strength, courage, resolve.


PLANT PART: Aerial Parts

SOURCE: France

ORGANIC Essential Oil - Foeniculum Vulgare

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation

AROMATIC ELEMENTS: α-phellandrene, trans anethole, methyl chavicol, fenchone.

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A warm, sweet, earthy aroma, similar to aniseed, traditionally used for strength and courage. This oil is vitalising and balancing for mind and body.

Fennel essential oil is extracted from the crushed seeds by steam distillation. It was a popular herb used by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Romans, who believed that fennel helped give longer life, and improved a persons courage, strength and resolve.

The oil, like the seeds, is good for digestion and said to be good for constipation and the relief of nausea.  It has a cleansing and toning effect on the skin, and is used in aromatherapy to treat oily skin, wrinkles, cellulite and obesity. Its diuretic effect is believed to help disperse cellulite. It is also said to aid weight loss by promoting feelings of satiety.  Promotes calm and resolve when feeling overwhelmed.