Cleanse and Healthy Starter Pack Plus

Cleanse and Healthy Starter Pack Plus

Why we need to CleanseLiving in todays modern environment exposes the body to a wide array of pollutants, chemicals and toxins.

Some of these are produced by the natural processes of the body, as metabolic waste, and our bodies are designed to naturally metabolise and expel these unwanted elements through the body’s eliminatory channels.

However, many other external toxic elements come from our surrounding environment.

Why we need to CleanseToxins are all around us.

Every day our bodies are bombarded by a cocktail of toxins from food, water, air
pollution, pesticides, medicines, and chemicals in household products.

Processed foods contain a variety of additives, and high levels of bad fats, salt, and sugar make extra work for our body’s natural cleansing systems.

Medication, antibiotics, and drugs used in intensive livestock farming increase the load,and a poor diet, junk food, too much alcohol and caffeine, add to the burden placed on the body. This can lead to a ‘Toxic Overload’.

Toxic Overload

The body’s natural ability to metabolise and expel unwanted elements is challenged by toxic overload.

The liver, which is the body’s primary cleansing organ, performs over 500 essential functions, and is responsible for converting food into energy, and combating infections in the body. So when the liver is not performing well, we often notice the effects as tiredness, lethargy, feeling ‘sluggish’ and ‘run down’.

Therefore, the liver and the kidney’s, along with the digestive, intestinal and circulatory systems needs to maintain optimum performance, to be able to maintain good health.

Toxic OverloadToxins can recirculate in the body if the eliminatory functions are not working efficiently,and fat-soluble toxins can be stored in the body for many years, creating a toxic environment in the body, and providing an ideal habitat for bad bacteria.

Each day the body works to expel as many of these toxins as possible, through the liver, kidneys, skin, and the respiratory and intestinal systems.

Toxins that are not eliminated will be stored in the body - often in fatty tissue.

Toxic overload can contribute to a lowered immune system, and a lack of energy and

It can also have an affect on skin, digestion, hormones, and may lead to weight gain, and
an increased risk of other health issues.

Nutritional Whole Body CleanseHealth Experts worldwide recommend the regular use of a nutritional whole body cleanse to help lighten this load, and help to support healthy body systems that can provide energy and vitality, normal immune function and skin tone.

Anytime is a good time to start using Healthy Starter Pack+ for those who want to refresh their systems and improve vitality and energy.

It is particularly useful before starting a weight management plan, an exercise regime, or a nutritional programme.

And prior to planning a family, the Healthy Starter Pack+ 10 day programme can help you to get your body into good shape.

Some also suggest using the cleanse at the natural changing of the seasons, which is a great natural reminder to ‘spring clean’ your body.

Nutritional Whole Body CleanseThe Healthy Starter Pack+ is a powerful and effective ten-day course of five cleansing herbal products, which collectively help cleanse the whole body.

And compared to some cleanse programmes that can be complicated and time consuming, requiring special foods and food preparations such as juicing and blending, the Healthy Starter Pack+ is so simple to use.

The Healthy Starter Pack+ provides five natural, herbal combination capsules to support five elements of cleansing, and is specially formulated to be used alongside a normal healthy diet, so the Healthy Starter Pack+ fits in perfectly alongside your normal daily routine, without disrupting your everyday family life, work-time, or social schedule.

No fasting, and no going hungry, just normal healthy foods, simply take the contents of one single serve sachet with water or juice, 15 minutes before meals, three times a day.

Healthy Starter Pack PlusSimply Sunshine’s Healthy Starter Pack+ provides a unique and gentle formulation that collectively helps cleanse the body, supporting the natural routes of elimination.

Although the liver plays a leading role in the cleansing process, the body also relies on the digestive, intestinal, circulatory and urinary systems to get toxins and impurities out
of the body as quickly as possible.

So ideally we need all these systems to be working efficiently. 

The combination of products in the Healthy Starter Pack+ provide five individually formulated capsules, targeting each one of the five cleansing systems.  

These include, Psyllium Hulls, Digestive Health, Liver Health, Cranberry and Buchu, and HSII.

Healthy Starter Pack Plus - Psyllium HUlls


For the Intestinal System we have Psyllium Hulls.

Psyllium Hulls has the highest level of soluble fibre known - more than eight times that of oat bran - to help support a healthy colon and intestinal system.

Fibre provides the necessary bulk to encourage timely movement through the colon, and at the same time remove certain toxins, along with many times the fibre’s weight in water, helping to maintain bowel regularity and reducing the time toxic materials remain in the body.

Healthy Starter Pack Plus - Digestive Health

For the Digestive System we have included ‘Digestive Health’ .

A unique combination of herbs, including ginger and marshmallow, to help support the normal healthy function of the gastro-intestinal system.

There are many ways to abuse and weaken the digestive system. Overeating, constant snacking and diluting digestive secretions with liquids can all place undue stress on digestive organs.

Eating too fast, overeating, drugs, medications, alcohol, and even emotional stress may adversely affect digestion.


Healthy Starter Pack Plus - Liver Health


To support the liver, we have formulated a specific product called ‘Liver Health’.

This unique formulation contains twelve individual herbs, including turmeric root, gentian root, yellow dock root, and Irish moss algae, combined into one effective capsule, to support healthy liver function.

The liver is the body’s primary cleansing organ, performing over 500 essential functions including converting food into energy, and combating infections in the body. It needs to maintain optimum performance, to continue to maintain good health.


Healthy Starter Pack Plus - Cranberry and BuchuCranberry & Buchu: are two well-respected herbs cleverly combined into one little capsule to help nourish the urinary tract.

The function of the urinary system is to produce and remove a waste product called urine, and to regulate the amount, alkalinity or acidity, and consistency of body fluids.

Kidneys are also designed to keep the blood clean. They spend every minute of the day filtering out impurities, however, like any intricate structure, they have limitations.

The kidneys are the major regulating mechanism for maintaining proper balance, and mineral levels in the body. When the kidneys are not working properly, waste products and fluid can build up. This can lead to serious health threatening conditions.

Healthy Starter Pack PlusSimply Sunshine's ‘HSII’ (HS TWO or Healthy Starter Pack +) is a unique product that combines hawthorn berry, capsicum fruit and garlic, and is formulated to support a healthy circulatory system.

The circulatory system is an incredible network of around 60,000 miles of blood vessels, all powered by the heart.

The heart is an amazing organ that pumps the equivalent of 2,000 gallons of blood
through its chambers each day.
Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. Simultaneously it picks up carbon dioxide, toxins and waste materials produced by the cells and carries them away for removal from the body.

It is important to take care of the circulatory system, so this it does not become clogged or restricted, in order to maintain overall health and well being.

Compliment your Healthy Starter Pack + by combining two of Nature’s Sunshine’s top selling support products to make your cleanse complete.

Healthy Starter Pack Plus - ProgrammeDuring your Cleanse - Liquid Chlorophyll

During your ten day cleanse it is most important to drink plenty of water. Not only does this help the body to flush out its system, but it also helps the fibre in the cleanse to work effectively
throughout the intestinal system.

Liquid Chlorophyll is a great companion to your cleanse – add it to water for a great natural spearmint taste, and drink throughout the day. Makes water into a cool, clean tasting drink that
leaves breath minty fresh.

After Your Cleanse - Probiotic Eleven

Recent scientific investigation suggests that probiotics are a valuable part of a healthy diet as they act as natural health promoters by populating the gastro-intestinal tract with friendly microbes. The delicate balance of healthy gut flora can be disrupted by a number of circumstances, including the use of antibiotics, excess alcohol, stress, disease and exposure to environmental toxins.
Therefore, after your cleanse we recommend a course of Probiotic Eleven. A high potency, multi strain probiotic supplement that provides almost 12 billion bacteria per serving. The eleven strains of bacteria in Probiotic Eleven ensure you replenish your gut with a variety of beneficial flora, and each capsule contains a built-in prebiotic to nourish and spread the bacteria throughout the gut.

Get the Best out of your CleanseHow to help make the most of your cleanse

Take the contents of one sachet with a glass of water, followed by another glass of water, approximately 15 minutes before meals, up to three times a day.

It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day whilst using the cleanse, and to make water more interesting, try adding Simply Sunshine's Liquid Chlorophyll for a great minty taste, that leaves the breath minty fresh.

Use alongside a normal healthy diet, but remember to include plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains while using the Healthy Starter Pack.

To get the best results from the cleanse we suggest you avoid red meat, alcohol, and sugary or fried food. Also, try to limit your intake intake of refined carbohydrates.

If you can, we suggest you avoid coffee and drinks that contain Caffeine. 

As an alternative, try replacing coffee with Simply Sunshine’s Herbal Beverage. Made naturally with healthful roasted grains and herbal flavourings, it contains barley, malt, chicory, rye and natural flavourings, with no harmful ingredients.

The effective cleansing action of this product may increase the number of bowel movements. If stools become too loose, you may reduce intake to twice a day, but continue with the course until all the capsules have been taken.

Healthy Starter Pack Plus - ProgrammeThe Simply Sunshine Healthy Starter Pack+ is available separately or as part of the
Simply Sunshine Healthy Starter Programme, which includes Liquid Chlorophyll and
Probiotic Eleven.
Order stock code: 9771 Healthy Starter Programme, or 4133 Healthy Starter Pack +
Whilst the Healthy Starter Pack+ is suitable for most adults, it is not advised for use
during pregnancy, nursing, by those planning to conceive, or by those experiencing ill
As with all nutritional products, we recommend that anyone using prescription
medication should always consult their doctor or pharmacist before taking food