Bowel Build - Love your Intestines - Nature's Sunshine Product

Bowel Build - Love your Intestines - Nature's Sunshine Product

Bowel Build from Natures Sunshine - Love your Intestines

Bowel Build is the Nature's Sunshine Key System Product for the intestinal system.

Bowel Build by Natures SunshineWhy is it so important to take care of your digestion? One of the main reasons is that it’s the only way your body has of getting nutrition from your food. Your health depends on your ability to absorb and make use of key nutrients, and it doesn’t matter how good your diet is, or how many supplements you take, how much benefit you get from them will depend on how well you digest and absorb your food.

The top part of your digestive system is your stomach, and that’s where food is broken down into a liquid called chyme, ready for absorption lower down in the intestines. It all needs to be working effectively for good absorption, as it’s the gateway to getting all the nourishment you need.

Fibre Information

Your intestinal system must sort out what your body needs from what it does not, and
get rid of the waste as quickly as possible. Bowel Build has been formulated by experts to contain fibre, herbs, and other nutrients to help maintain this process.

We’ve known about the health benefits of fibre for many years, but it is most known for helping to maintain regularity of the bowel. In doing so, any waste is expelled quickly, before you have a chance to reabsorb toxins, and before it can damage the lining of the intestines.

Bile which contains waste products from your liver, is transported into your intestine and needs to bind with fibre in order to be carried safely out of the body. Some forms of fibre provide us with slow releasing energy, so that you feel fuller for longer, and if you’re trying to manage your weight, you’re less likely to snack between meals. Overall, fibre is vital for keeping the bowel clean, toned, and healthy.

Psyllium and Apple Pectin

The two main kinds of fibre in Bowel Build are Psyllium, and Apple pectin. Psyllium comes from the seeds of a type of Plantain grown in Asia. Herbalists use psyllium seeds and hulls because they have bulking and lubricating properties, but they need to be taken with plenty of water to avoid causing constipation.

Apple pectin comes from the skin of apples, and it cleanses and soothes the bowel at the same time. Eating a bowlful of apples was an old remedy for constipation and even now, Naturopaths sometimes use apples or apple juice to help people with bowel problems.

Bowel Build includes botanical extracts traditionally used to help maintain the health of the
intestinal system.

Ideally we should be producing about 2 pints of bile each day which contains most of what the liver wants to get rid of, helps to digest fats, and also lubricates the intestines at the same time. If we’re not making enough, it can have an effect upon the regularity of the bowel.

Herbs in Bowel BuildMarshmallow contains mucilage which also helps to soothe and lubricate the intestines, and Ginger has been used for centuries for the digestive system. NASA have even used it to help relieve motion sickness in their astronauts.

These herbs have been chosen to help the whole of the digestive process from start to finish, not just the bit that happens in the intestines.

Other Ingredients

Bowel Build also includes Betaine Hydrochloride. Betaine was originally found in beetroot, and is a great provider of antioxidants for the liver, as well as a cleanser. Your stomach should be naturally rich in hydrochloric acid because the enzymes in your gastric juices need to work in an acidic environment. The acid itself also helps to break down your food into chyme. 

Who needs Bowel Build?​Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal help to carry food through the intestines and retain any excess water that may be in there. And finally chlorophyll has also been added as a natural 

Who Needs Bowel Build?

To start with, anyone who has a poor score for the intestinal system on the Lifestyle Analysis.

Also anyone who is worried about having a poor or sluggish digestion, is prone to constipation or has slow transit time. 

Bowel Build can used daily, by taking 3-4 capsules with morning and evening meals, and plenty of water which will allow the psyllium to work effectively. 

Bowel Build is not suitable for use during pregnancy. May cause a reaction in persons allergic to inhaled or ingested Psyllium. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dosage.