Are animals good stress relievers

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Are animals good stress relievers
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It’s often said that dogs are “mans best friend”

– and there are many stories about how dogs have alerted their owners to dangerous situations and saved the day – these scenarios happen in real life, as well as on the big screen! But can dogs – and other animals actually help us to deal with stress?

We all face stressful periods in our life, and the way that we deal with these times is often different, depending on our genetic make up, and other factors that may be beyond our control, you may notice a racing heart (without doing the exercise first!), tense muscles, or fast breathing, you may have difficult concentrating, or difficulty in sleeping – these are some of the signs of stress, and should not be ignored.

When we’re stressed, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol

and increased levels of cortisol can lead to high blood pressure and higher cholesterol – which have their own associated problems. Many studies have been undertaken and they seem to show that just spending time with a dog can lower your cortisol levels (unless you have a fear of dogs, then it is likely to have quite the opposite effect). Spending time stroking, interacting and playing with a dog can all have positive impacts on your stress levels – but what about other animals?

Alpacas are often used as mindful walking animals 

allowing those stressed out individuals to go along for a calm, relaxing and mindful walk, all the while, helping to reduce the stress levels- ponies, donkeys, goats, rabbits – all have been used to reduce stress levels in humans merely by stroking or playing with them – how fabulous.

If you don’t have access to these pets to help with your stress levels, or in might be a particularly short period of stress that you’re facing

perhaps going through a divorce or house move, then we have natural products to help you face these trying times {they can be used alongside any animal related therapy time too}, from essential oils for oil burners or therapeutic massage to Nutri Calm, which is a blend of Vitamin C and B-Complex vitamins with added chamomile, and helps us settle when life becomes too much of a challenge.

Of course, sometimes our pets can be the ones that are stressed out

and as there is often a communication barrier between them and us, they can’t tell us what the problem is. Our Nutri Pets range has a Canine Calming tablet – which works to soothe the animal and relax them, whether their stress is caused by loud noises (fireworks, thunder etc) or separation from you, their best friend.

If you find yourself getting stressed out, there are lots of other things that you can do in conjunction with our products – practising mindfulness and meditation are just two – and the calmer you are, the calmer your animals will be too.