Answers to some Shaving Questions for Men

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Answers to some Shaving Questions for Men

All you men out there - Let us answer some of your questions about shaving...


Disposable RazorsDisposable razors VS system razors - what are the benefits?

Different people have different preferences with the type of razor they use. Disposable razors tend to be cheaper and more convenient as you throw them away after use - which makes them ideal for gym bags and holidays. One of our most popular disposable razors is the Wilkinson Sword Extra Activ 2

A system razor can give you a closer, smoother, more superior shave at a higher price point

For precision shaving, Simply Sunshine recommend the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Power Select Razor


What should men look for in a razor to ensure the best results and minimal skin damage?

Choose a razor with multiple, high quality blades that pivot to the contours of your face to ensure a close shave without irritation and make sure you always shave with a sharp razor blade

We recommend our Wilkinson Sword Hydro Power 5, the only wet power razor with 3 levels of vibration so that you can customise your shave to suit your skin. The water activated gel hydrates throughout each shave to reduce irritation and give you ultimate shaving comfort


What causes shaving rash?

Shaving rash is caused by irritation to the skin when shaving. Irritation can be caused by a number of factors including blunt razor blades, using alcohol based shave care products, failure to use shave preparation and even simply having a sensitive skin type

To minimise the risk of shaving rash and skin irritation use a razor designed to care for your skin such as Wilkinson Sword Hydro, and our sensitive shaving gels or foams


Why do men need razors designed for men?

Men and women's shaving needs differ greatly which is why we have razors designed specifically to cater for men and for women separately

Women's razors are often cushioned with more and larger conditioning strips to enable women to shave greater surface areas such as their legs or bikini line

Men's razors may have edging blades to trim facial hair, including our Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision, the world's first 3 in 1 wet razor to shave, trim and edge